Addu City Announces For Companies To Produce Renewable Energy.

Addu City Council has given the chance for companies from Maldives and other countries to offer Expression of Interest (EoI)s to produce renewable energy in the City.

According to the City Council, the search for a company to produce renewable energy started in order to provide cheaper, affordable electricity to Addu City’s residents. So, the council is looking forward to offers from experienced companies with the capabilities to provide such services.0_14326398800_1432628340bytgjhb_news_news

The council also said that interested parties can also offer proposals with joint ventures to qualify for the project.

Add City’s deputy mayor and Maradhoo Councilor Abdullah Thoyyib said that the reason the council had to look into renewable energy as an alternative to the current electricity suppliers is because the prices for the services have gone way beyond reach for the people of Addu.

Thoyyib also said that, in the past the venture has been discussed before and parties from Maldives and other countries had shown keen interest.

“But we have not received much support from related associations or the government. I don’t think they even want to give support. But these ventures cannot be made only with the councils efforts” he said. “So for the people’s rights the government has to start providing support for these kinds of ventures”

On November 27th, 2014 Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim said that in the near future they were looking into starting a renewable energy venture in Addu. He also said that it would be solar powered and would generate electricity up to 1.5 megawatt and that by January the venture would be open for bids and preparations would soon continue. 

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Author: Darvin Tocmo

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