Balochistan is Now Using Sun

Balochistan is Now Using Sun

A new agreement between Balochistan and Canadian government has been made. Canada will provide 1,000 Mega Watts of solar power in Balochistan to help resolve the power shortfall issue in the province.

The Canadian government will provide 50 MW of solar energy in each different area in Balochistan as the agreement of the two countries. The cost of renewable energy (solar and wind) that used to be prohibitively high in the past has now come down appreciably due to advancement in solar technology.

Five international companies have offered 2.99 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in Dubai for the world’s largest solar power plant currently established over there. One hopes that Balochistan government kept this rate in view while signing the contract with the Canadian firm.

Generation of electricity through the installation of solar panels is an easy job as the panels are ready-made. The entire 1,000 MW project can be completed within a year if more manpower is deployed and there are no procedural hitches. There is no dearth of space in Balochistan. Wind farms should also be considered for installation along the huge coastal area of Balochistan which is rich in wind. Thousands of wind turbines could be installed all along the coast.

The turbines should be in the range of 1.5 to 1.8 MW. It makes a lot of noise and should be a far away from population, this makes the coastal area ideal for wind energy.

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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