China and India: Lucrative Markets For Solar Micro-inverters.

Solar micro-inverters are becoming the sought-after devices in solar PVs in spite of being more cost-intensive than conventional string or central inverter devices due to their high energy output.

As adoption of solar energy systems gains traction in Asia Pacific, demand for solar micro-inverters is also witnessing a rapid increase.

Emerging economies of Asia Pacific are ramping up demand for solar micro-inverters.

China and India, two of the fastest growing economies in the world, are focusing on renewable sources of energy to meet the demands of their billion-plus population. Solar- and wind- energy have received extensive government support in terms of funding and grants in the recent past.

In India, The ‘Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’ has embarked on an ambitious plan through its “Development of Solar Cities” programme. While China is one of the leading installer of solar photovoltaics, with total installed capacity of 35.78 GW as of June 2015.

The governments in these two countries are also offering standard operating procedure (SOP) to residential consumers for installing solar PV systems.

Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia are the other key countries in Asia Pacific that are expected to ramp up demand for solar micro-inverters in the future. Where the government focus on developing renewable sources of energy and increasing penetration of solar power companies is expected to drive the solar micro-inverters market in the region.

Enphase Energy, SolarBridge Technologies, SolarEdge, and GreenRay Solar are some of the leading companies in the Asia Pacific solar micro inverters.


Originally from Eco Business 

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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