Dairy Farm in Western Australia Runs By Solar.

Capel, Western Australia – Solar panels installed in Capel Farm helps in reducing power costs up to 40 per cent.6798770-3x2-700x467

Solar panels installed on a West Australian dairy farm have helped cut energy costs by 40 per cent in peak periods and saved thousands of dollars.

Greg Norton, Capel Farms Manager, said the power bills increased by 65 per cent since 2008.

As a means of reducing the energy cost, he decided to install a 30 kW solar system.

The cost of the panel installation was between $55,000 -$60,000.

Installed on a shed roof at the farm in July 2014, showed a 40 per cent saving in peak energy cost and an overall energy cost saving of about 15 per cent.

According to Norton, he had worked with an independent renewable energy provider and his energy company to negotiate prices.

He recommended anyone else considering turning to solar to engage in a conversation with their energy provider.

“You actually have to look at your power company because sometimes they will want to charge you more if you put solar panels on your roof,” he said.


Originally from ABC Rural News

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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