Indonesia & France: A Joint Force For Renewable Energy Development

A joint force of Indonesian Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology and Frances Commission of the Alternative and Atomic Energies has been made to conduct a research to develop renewable energy last Wednesday.

At a meeting held by two countries research bodies in Jakarta, Indonesian agencys head Unggul Priyanto stated that “solar panel and lithium battery technologies had been developed earlier in the country, and we hope the collaboration would improve our current areas of work.”

The Indonesian government is optimistic that the joint research would improve the quality of the countrys human resources in future, as France has been actively involved in developing information and telecommunication technologies and conducting research on renewable energies, such as solar panels, batteries, and microelectronics, Priyanto noted.

“Photovoltaics had been built in the country since the last decade,” head of Frances research commission, Daniel Verwaerde said.

“Energy efficiency remains the commissions main objective,” Verwaerde stated while suggesting the use of sodium-ion to produce batteries instead of lithium, as the former is cheaper than the latter.

Besides different forms of renewable energy, hydrogen-based fuel cells that generate electrical energy through electrolysis were also discussed at the meeting.

“The agency will send a team to further organize the joint research with Frances commission,” Priyanto reiterated.

On a separate occasion, Erzi Anson Gani, one of the agencys deputies, said the joint research program could be further extended to develop a defense technology.

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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