Kiribati To Promote New Solar Water Disinfection Method.


A new solar water disinfection method is being promoted in Kiribati that authorities hope will improve health and cure diarrhea diseases.

It involves heating plastic water bottles on corrugated iron.

SODIS is a simple, low cost method to disinfect contaminated drinking water involving the heating of plastic water bottles on corrugated iron.

In Kiribati, water-borne diseases are a major concern, with the nation having the highest child mortality rate in the Pacific with over 6% of children not living beyond their 5th birthday.

Project Officer Tianuare Taeuea says a 6 month trial in South Tarawa proved successful.

He says the SODIS method is simple, less costly and reliable, less time consuming, provides job opportunities and improves health.

“They said that they are not spending more kerosene on boiling water and they are not now exposed to more smoke because they are not using firewood and we normally have a high case of diarrhea but in their case, their cases are decreasing.”

The SODIS campaign was launched by the European Union and implemented by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

Originally from Radio New Zealand International

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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