Kopernik To Provide Solar Lights For Poor Indonesian Communities.

Indonesia-based non-profit organization Kopernik is giving the gift of light to poor Indonesian communities, one household at a time. The organization provided solar lanterns and fuel-efficient biomass cook stoves to families in Indonesia.

According to ABC.net, 1.3 billion people in Indonesia live with no electricity and use kerosene lamps for light, while 3 billion people use indoor wood-fired stoves download (2)to cook their meals.

Kopernik’s goal is to change these practices because these encourage deforestation and result to indoor air pollution that lead to 4 million deaths annually.

The organisation’s campaigns have been going on since 2010 and have helped 233,634 people in 21 countries.

Tomohiro Hamakawa, Kopernik’s co-founder, noted to the ABC: “A typical Australian home has over 60 appliances running on electricity and gas. The typical home in the most remote part of the developing world has none. It’s easy to take for granted all the technologies that make our lives easier.”

Hamakawa said that a $20 D-light solar lantern made by his organisation “pays for itself” within a few months, as families no longer need to buy kerosene for gas lamps and are able to save as much as $100 monthly.

He also said that carbon emissions are reduced by half, thanks to these lanterns. Meanwhile, the $30 biomass cookstove from the company uses 80 percent less wood than cooking over fire and produces virtually no smoke.

Originally from International Business Times


Author: Darvin Tocmo

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