New Bill Proposes ‘Fair Go’ For Renewable Energy Producers.

Green Party MP Gareth Hughes wants to take the power back from power companies to secure fair buy-back prices for people who are producing excess renewable energy for their homes and businesses.

Hughes promoted his Electricity Industry (Small -Scale Renewable Distributed Generation) Amendment Bill in Nelson which was drawn from the ballot in parliament last month.

The bill is aiming to guarantee households that feed renewable electricity such as solar, wind and hydro, into the grid receive a fair price from power companies.

“At the moment it’s the power companies that have all the power and solar looks like it’s being actively discouraged,” Hughes said.

Power companies Contact and Meridian cut their buy-back rates for solar between 50% and 70% in November 2014.

The bill proposes that the Electricity Authority will act as an “independent umpire” for the industry, setting and reviewing the buy-back price.

Hughes said that dozens of other countries have a set feed-in tariff and New Zealand should follow suit.

According to Hughes, removing the ridiculous red tape around renewable energy and securing fair buy-back prices would help New Zealand achieve its goal of 90% renewable electricity by 2025.

However, he wanted to challenge the government to increase that goal to 100% renewable energy.

He said Nelson was a “solar city” and well placed to capitalize on renewable energy.

Read the full bill here.


Originally from Stuff – New Zealand

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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