North Korea Constructed Solar Panels and Wind Turbines in Nampho.

North Korea has constructed renewable power facilities to help generate electricity for Nampho port on the country’s west coast, according to an article in the monthly publication Korea Today.

Both solar panels and wind turbines were constructed, which help power the various command rooms in the port.

“The dockyard, which set as its goal to effectively introduce renewables, erected a plant for generating electric power from wind turbines and solar panels while constructing Dock No. 2,” the article reads.

“The power plant equipped with wind-driven generators with the capacity of 10 kw and solar panels generates hundreds of kWh of electricity every day,” it adds.

The renewable energy sources are just one in a recent string of similar developments, indicating North Korea now uses wind or solar in some public buildings, military bases and commercial facilities.

The DPRK (Democratic People ‘s Republic of Korea)has no domestic oil and gas production, making it heavily reliant on its neighbors for its energy needs. It does, however, have some coal-fired and hydro power plants, though it struggles to generate enough electricity to ensure constant supply.

Renewable energy sources could offer a way to ease some of the strain on the DPRK’s energy infrastructure, with recent reports indicating a relatively high uptake of solar panels.

Nonetheless, the wind and solar generators at Nampho would like have to work in tandem with a more constant supply.

“Renewable energy is just not powerful enough to run industrial engines or facilities. I heard that there are wind power generators in other parts of industrial areas in North Korea, though they were to support working conditions for employees. I think that would be the case for Nampho as well,” Lee Seok-gi at the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade said.


Originally from NK News

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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