Peru To Develop Wind Energy in Piura.

The ministry of Energy and Mines has plans to step up the renewable energy game in Northern Peru.

The Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines has announced the granting of a temporary concession to Countourglobal Peru to investigate the feasibility of wind-power plants in northern Peru, based on Andina news agency report.

The enterprise Countourglobal Peru will conduct studies for Piura region-based Almirante Grau and Cupisnique II wind-power plants to provide and efficient and renewable energy source.

“The grantee is forced to conduct studies in compliance with the technical and safety rules, preserving the environment and safeguarding the cultural heritage of the nation,” the regulation states according to Andina news agency.

The Almirante Grau wind-power plant could have a capacity of nearly 76 MW and be based in the La Brea and Pariñas district, Talara province of Piura.

As for the Cupisnique II power plant, it could have a capacity of 148 MW and would be located in the San Pedro de Lloc district, Pacasmayo province of La Libertad.

Peru’s renewable energy potential has been realized more and more abroad over the last decade.

According to Corey Watts, “the International Renewable Energy Agency, IRENA, said the outlook for renewable energy in Peru was good.”



Originally from Peru this Week

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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