PT Contained Energy Indonesia Signs 1 MW Solar Energy Contract With PT Samude​ra Biru Internas​ional.

PT Contained Energy Indonesia has signed a contract with PT Samude​ra Biru Internasional to supply and install almost 1 MW solar power on two factories of Samator, the industrial gas manufacturer from Surabaya.

The systems will supply solar energy to Samator under a Power Purchase arrangement.

The agreement signifies the continuously growing demand for renewable energy by the commercial sector  in Indonesia.

“The current government’s support for clean energy has dramatically increased the interest in solar panels, not only from private home owners, but especially from the commercial sector,” says Lion Kraaijbeek, Chief Executive Officer of Contained Energy, which has been in the solar energy business in Indonesia for more than ten years.

“We are currently in expansion mode and hope to open a branch in Surabaya in the coming months.”  Contained Energy already has offices in Jakarta and Bali.  Kraaijbeek said “We expect explosive growth, and Contained Energy will be prepared to handle the increase in demand.”

According to Samude​ra Biru Director Imelda Harsono, her company believes private sector investment in renewable energy is necessary for Indonesia to meet its ambitious renewable energy targets.

“By removing the large upfront costs of installation, Samudera Biru enabled Samator to install solar systems  as sources of clean and reliable power that supplement existing needs.”

“With Samator leading the way in what will be one of the largest commercial Solar installations in Indonesia, Samudera Biru hopes to enable other companies to install solar energy, and help Indonesia become a leader in renewable energy.”


Originally from PV Magazine

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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