Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) New Land Leasing Guide

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) New Land Leasing Guide

A new guide has been published by US Solar Energy Industries Association for landowners that are = interested in leasing their land for use by solar developers.

The guide covers the important aspects of how to work with a solar developer, from initial site visit to lease finalization. See the guide HERE.

SEIA’s interim president Tom Kimbis said ”the solar industry is committed to full understanding of solar by consumers, including farmers and other landowners. This new guide brings transparency to landowners to help them navigate agreements with a sense of ease, knowing they’re asking the right questions and armed with all the information they need to make a smart decision.”

The authors of the guidelines also stated its introduction, a fact borne out by recent solar installation figures for the United States “large scale solar projects, such as community solar and investor-owned solar systems on farms, have expanded rapidly throughout the US.”

New York’s Hunt Country Vineyards and Hunt Green LLC, Suzanne Hunt said “solar power, including solar land leasing, presents a huge opportunity for farmers, but they need to be well-informed and advised so they can negotiate fair terms. This new guidance document from SEIA will help farmers and other landowners make informed decisions so that solar land leasing will work for them and their families now and for many years to come.”

“We have been growing corn and soybeans on our farm for decades, and only recently considered switching to solar. Solar is new to our area, and we didn’t know which questions to ask solar developers. This guide is exactly what we need as farmers to make the right choices to maximize income with available land,” Stephanie Walton of Shelbyville, Kentucky added.

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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