Solar Energy: The more, the better

Solar Energy: The more, the better

The use of solar energy is increasing rapidly. Many more solar projects are coming more public buildings are making the decision to install it on their roofs. But even though the use of solar power increased rapidly, many more unused opportunities still exist and waiting to be used.

Clean Energy Community Foundation has stimulated such practices within the state for years. Environmental centers, schools, and other public facilities to demonstrate the effectiveness of these advanced technologies are the places where the organization has decided to assist in funding installations.

To see some renewable energy installations along the route to offset the expected increase in visitors and transportation emissions is good. Solar canopies and rooftop installations could exemplify how solar can be integrated into the urban setting.

“On our travels to deliver fair booklets to key sites, we noticed the widespread trend toward new medical facilities being built as adjuncts to major area hospitals. Existing facilities have available roof space and parking lots which could accommodate solar installations. The new outlier facilities could accommodate similar installations accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources,” Illinois Renewable Energy Association President and Vice President, Robert & Sonia Vogl said.

“Solar panels on medical facilities would contribute to cleaner air and help avoid some of the worst impacts of climate change. Some medical institutions are going beyond installing solar panels on their facilities by providing incentives for hospital employees to install solar panels on their homes. Electric car charging stations could provide opportunities for evening staff to charge their cars while at work,” they added.

Lastly they concluded “with the heat of summer, the intensive use of popular water parks is noticeable. In view of the intensive use of electricity to power pumps at these facilities, installing solar panels on them could dramatically cut electric bills. By being grid connected production during the non-swimming season could be redistributed through the grid.”

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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