Solar Project Lighting Up Villages in Fiji.

Fiji Development Bank and US-based Energy company Cal Valley Solar partnered up to generate electricity and distribute to 10 villages in the Yasawa Group.

Cal Valley Solar executive director Yaswant Singh said the project would be extremely beneficial to villagers.

“The Fiji Development Bank is working with village heads and we are looking at over 10 container units to be sold in Yasawa,” he said.Yasawas-06

This will electrify 10 villages and provide 24-hour power supply.

He said the plan was to get the project off the ground as early as possible.

According to Mr Singh, most of the villages relied on diesel generators for electricity, which usually provided power for a few hours only.

“The long-term benefits include this clean energy being a step closer to fighting climate change effects.”

“Villagers cannot afford to run diesel generators so they don’t get 24-hour power supply. When the generators break down, maintenance is also high.”

According to Mr Singh, the new technology allows the generation of electricity during rainy or cloudy periods.

“These panels are so sensitive that they pull UV rays, even when it is raining or cloudy. People need to think positively about solar energy because now, even the Government and banks are helping fund such initiatives.”

Solar energy could help reduce electricity bills by 80%.

Originally from Fiji Times

Author: Darvin Tocmo

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